Franklin Advisory

Georgetown University

The Georgetown University Entrepreneurship Initiative is one of the world’s leading programs for innovation, ranked 1st for producing the world’s most innovative and creative graduates according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

Franklin Advisory revitalized the Georgetown Venture Fellows Program, a program that secures hard-to-reach venture capital fellowships for students.

Franklin Advisory doubled the number of participating VC firms and expanded the program to undergraduates. With Franklin’s help, the 2020 program saw a:


increase in applications (86 in 2019 to 319 in 2020)


increase in student placements


increase in venture capital firm participation (7 in 2019 to 13 in 2020)

Franklin Advisory has shown that they are with us all the way. Their work on the Venture Fellows program is an impressive addition to their track record of successful projects and shows their ability to grow programs and achieve results.

Jeff Reid, Founder and Professor of Practice, Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative