Franklin Advisory Secures Victory in Competitive Process to Advise on New Innovation Initiatives at Montgomery College’s PIC MC

[Washington, DC, 3/29/2024]: Franklin Advisory, a leading consulting firm renowned for its expertise in fostering venture, entrepreneurial, and innovation initiatives for institutions, proudly announces its triumph in securing an advisory role in the advancement of innovation initiatives at Montgomery College’s premier innovation center, Pinkney Innovation Complex at Montgomery College (PIC MC). Following a rigorous selection process, Franklin Advisory emerged as the preferred partner to drive forward PIC MC’s mission of fostering innovation and economic development.

The partnership between Franklin Advisory and PIC MC marks the first formal relationship between both entities, combining expertise and resources to accelerate innovation and drive sustainable growth in the Montgomery County region. Leveraging its extensive experience in advising organizations across various sectors, Franklin Advisory is poised to offer tailored strategies and actionable insights to propel PIC MC towards new heights of success.

“This partnership signifies our commitment to driving innovation, fostering ventures, and supporting economic development both in the community and in the Greater DC Region. We are eager to work closely with PIC MC to unlock the full potential of their initiatives and make a meaningful impact,” commented David Wilson, Principal at Franklin Advisory.

“We are thrilled to have been chosen to collaborate with Montgomery College’s PIC MC on their innovation endeavors,” remarked Lane Mahoney, Associate Consultant at Franklin Advisory.

PIC MC, situated at the nexus of education, industry, and government, serves as a dynamic hub for research, collaboration, and entrepreneurship. Through strategic partnerships and cutting-edge programs, PIC MC empowers individuals and organizations to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape of innovation.

“We are delighted to welcome Franklin Advisory onboard as our trusted advisor,” stated Thomas Luginbill, Executive Director at PIC MC. “Their track record of success and deep understanding of innovation ecosystems make them the ideal partner to guide us in realizing our vision of driving economic growth and fostering innovation excellence within Montgomery College, and beyond.”

As Franklin Advisory assumes its role as the strategic advisor to PIC MC, both entities look forward to a fruitful collaboration aimed at fueling innovation, empowering entrepreneurs, and propelling the Montgomery County region towards a prosperous future.

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For inquiries regarding PIC MC and its initiatives, please contact Melanie.Kandel@MontgomeryCollege.Edu.

About Franklin Advisory: Franklin Advisory is a leading consulting firm specializing in strategic growth and innovation through initiatives related to venture capital and entrepreneurial growth. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for driving meaningful change, Franklin Advisory empowers organizations to navigate complexity, seize opportunities, and achieve their full potential.

About PIC MC: The Pinkney Innovation Complex at Montgomery College (PIC MC) is a vibrant hub for innovation situated within Montgomery College in Montgomery County, Maryland. This center drives economic development, nurtures entrepreneurship, and champions innovation across the region by leveraging strategic partnerships, offering advanced programs, and providing modern facilities.

Contact: David Wilson, Principal,