Franklin Advisory

Society for Human Resource Management

The Society for Human Resource Management is the world’s largest HR Association with over 300K members impacting more than 115M employees worldwide. SHRM’s annual expense budget is over $125M.

Franklin Advisory is helping ParagonLabs, SHRM’s Workplace Innovation Lab, to launch the Workplace Innovation Accelerator for developing the most promising workplace tech companies. 

Franklin Advisory helps build programming and source the companies and team. 

Franklin Advisory will assist with program launch and implementation when the first cohort pilots in Summer 2021 and will be engaged in the evaluation of the success of the program. 

We have enjoyed working with Franklin Advisory on the launch of the ParagonLabs Accelerator. Their expertise and deep knowledge of entrepreneurial ecosystems as well as impeccable record of client successes are what set them apart.

Erica Young, Workplace Innovation Catalyst with ParagonLabs powered by SHRM